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Our body mirrors what is going on in our self, and it can hold back or accelerate our overall growth. Energy Healing Therapy (Reiki), Therapeutic Massage, LED, and Raw-Food Nutrition are powerful tools to assist in our healing, awakening, and grounding. Our issues often get stuck in our bodies, and this can slow down our healing journey. We embody our “story”, the repetitive pattern of thoughts and emotions that become the narrative of our life. These are the “issues in the tissues”-- a pain in the neck, the weight of the world on our shoulders, things we can’t stomach or want to get off of our chest. Let us help you increase your energy and health.

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Energy Therapy

ReikiSymbolReiki is an effective energy healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. The 'rei' in reiki denotes universal and spiritual power, whereas the 'ki' stands for energy or vital force. Being a Japanese technique, Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui for energy healing. Reiki has been applied to boost the innate energy that helps promote health, well being, prosperity and long life.

According to belief in this holistic healing therapy, the recipient gets energy from practitioner's hands placed near the body. There are seven chakras of energy: the head, third eye, throat, heart, naval area, lower abdomen and base or last bone in the spinal cord.

Under the practice of Reiki, physical and mental healing takes place through practitioner's laying hands above the recipient, in sync with head and heart chakra. Reiki is implied to treat a person’s physical, mental and emotional disorder and hereby provides tranquility and well being. In distance reiki practice, practitioners use symbols from a distance to form a temporary connection between the practitioner and the recipient.

PRICE (Reiki)

60 Minutes: $100 (located under "Wellness Or Integrative" catagory when booking online)

GreenHeart60 Minute FIRST Reiki Healing EXPERIENCE: $75

60 Minute 2-SERIES: $170

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