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Our body mirrors what is going on in our self, and it can hold back or accelerate our overall growth. Energy Healing Therapy (Reiki), Therapeutic Massage, LED, and Raw-Food Nutrition are powerful tools to assist in our healing, awakening, and grounding. Our issues often get stuck in our bodies, and this can slow down our healing journey. We embody our “story”, the repetitive pattern of thoughts and emotions that become the narrative of our life. These are the “issues in the tissues”-- a pain in the neck, the weight of the world on our shoulders, things we can’t stomach or want to get off of our chest. Let us help you increase your energy and health.

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LED Body Treatment

Our LED Body Treatment is a results-oriented 30-minute treatment using Red light emitting diodes (LED). This Treatment boosts cellular energy in the body, triggering cells to produce a more optimal level of collagen and elastin. The appearance of fine lines diminishes making the skin appear smoother, tighter, and more radiant. LED Body Treatments reduces the effects of aging sun-damaged skin as well as pain associated with inflammation.

Q: How many LED Body Treatments do I need?
A: Depending on the desired results, we initially recommend 1 LED Body Treatment weekly for 6-12 weeks.For maintenance, we recommend 1 LED Body Treatment monthly.

Q: When will I start seeing results?
A: LED Body Treatments are progressive and you will notice improvements with each treatment. Clients are reporting noticeable changes as early as after 4 treatments.We recommend exfoliating your body several times a week and moisturizing your body daily.

Q: How long will the LED Body Treatment results last?
A: LED studies suggest that clients continue to improve for up to 6 months after a series of treatments. Long-term results depend upon a good skin care program, exercise, and healthy eating.

Preparing for your LED Body Treatment

We recommend arriving to your LED Body Treatment without makeup.
Drink plenty of water before and after your LED Body Treatment.
Exfoliate weekly and moisturize daily.


30 Minutes: $90 (located under "Wellness Or Integrative" catagory when booking online)

GreenHeart30 Minute FIRST LED Body Treatment: $45

30 Minute 10-SERIES: $675 + FREE Zakia's Products

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