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Beauty's ABCs

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a great skin moisturizer that helps to keep skin supple by bringing oxygen to the cells, and therefore increasing the strength of skin tissue. Aloe Vera is hydrating, softening, healing and has anti-inflammatory properties for the skin.

Vitamin A

Strengthens the protective tissue of the skin and prevents acne. Helps reduce sebum production.
Powerful antioxidant fights free radicals and improves wrinkles and fine lines.

Vitamin B Complex

Helps to maintain healthy skin tone. Fights acne. Vital for healthy skin by improving circulation and metabolism.

Vitamin C

Counters the effects of sun exposure, smoke, and pollution by reducing the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals gobble up collagen and elastin! Vit C is essential to maintain your good looks and prevent the appearance of "broken blood vessels". When applied topically, vitamin C can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and may lessen the severity of sunburns.

Vitamin E

Another antioxidant that may have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. When applied topically, vitamin E has been known to improve moisturization, softness and smoothness and also provide modest photo-protection.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K has been found to relieve dark circles under the eyes. Some research has found that serums containing both vitamin K and vitamin A are more effective than those that just contain vitamin K.

GreenSmoothieYou are what you eat, and when it comes to your health, what shows on the outside is a reflection on the inside.

A dull, dry complexion is a sign you are not eating optimally.

Lucky for you, you can put your best face forward by adding nutritious and delicious food to your diet.


Papayas are one of the healthiest fruits available. They are rich in vitamin C, folate, potassium, fiber, and vitamins A, E and K, along with antioxidant flavonoids. Papaya’s fiber binds with and rid your body of cancer causing toxins in your colon.  Perhaps the most well known benefit of papaya is its digestive enzyme, papain. (Papain is often used to make digestive enzyme dietary supplements.) The enzymes in papaya are known to lower inflammation in your body. (Remember: free radicals lead to inflammation, and inflammation leads to premature aging!) Bonus, papaya is delicious.

Avocados are tasty and good for your complexion. They are abundant in essential oils (the good fat) and B-complex vitamins that nourish your skin by promoting healthy cell and tissue development. Niacin (vitamin B3) is especially important for healthy skin, and is found in abundance in avocados. As an anti-inflammatory, niacin soothes irritated skin and can calm red, blotchy skin. Avocados also contain vitamin E, the antioxidant known to slow down the aging process.

Try this...
Cut up chunks of Avocado and papaya, mix together and enjoy a decadent and satisfying meal.

Cucumbers contain vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are necessary for healthy cell growth. The high water content in cucumbers hydrate and replenish the body, and promote elimination of toxins thus giving your skin a beautiful healthy glow.
Cucumbers also combat bad breath. Raw cucumbers increase salivation and neutralize acids in the mouth while releasing a phytochemical that kills bacteria-causing bad breath.

The Cheapest Beauty Treatment!

When you sleep you are getting more than rest. Your body is healing and repairing itself. For this reason, dermatologists often suggest using your most "active" skin creams before bed. To avoid puffy, bloodshot eyes, dark circles, and a pale washed-out complexion get your eight hours of sleep every night. Sleep renews and refreshes us and is vital for our health and BEAUTY!

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